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Greetings everyone,

A month or so ago, Laura and I participated on this podcast with the Titans of Text. And today is the day it was aired! If you want to hear us talk a little about Starmourn and our experience with it, here it is. We both had great fun with it!

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    I don't mean to objectify anyone but moar of @Ilyos Banderas accent, pls.

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    Listed to this while walking the dog the other night. Nice job. It was interesting hearing you both talk about your experiences. And, your love of the game really came through.  We players think you both rock as well. The storytellers too.

    I also listened to the episode discussing the Evennia engine, cause one of these days I still plan to make my own game, and I've played with Evennia a little. I just wish it had a GUI. 
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