Announcements post #74: New Storyteller for Song!

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<pre>From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: New Storyteller for Song!

Please give our newest Storyteller, Ferenzi, a very warm welcome.

Ferenzi is here to help players in the Song Dominion advance their agendas, flesh out the faction, and make the world feel more alive. They'll also be doing their part to keep things behind the scenes running smoothly by lending a hand where needed (someone needs to help Soren dig people out of space-bending Escher campgrounds, right?)

They've already hit the ground running with a bunch of bug fixes and a secret project! We are eager to see what else they're capable of! </pre>


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    (SDCC): Ferenzi says, ":) I didn't come here to sit on the title. I came here to game!"

    I'm very excited. :D
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    RIP @Vega in anticipation of the coup d'etat
    Mereas Eyrlock
    "They're excited, but poor."
    - Ilyos (August 2019)
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