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  • Re: Q+A Madness - January 2018

    magee101, that's what happens with a brand-spanking new game, especially a F2P game from a small-ish company. It's not going to have immense detail right at the beginning. I think we can expect a ton of content to be added rapidly, but day 1? Yes, certain things might feel lacking. It might be better if you came in after a month or so if that's what you're hoping to find when you start playing. 

    , do take some other things into account too: EVERYthing in this game will be brand-spanking new too. There will be a ton to explore and I truly believe that most people will not have a chance to experience everything before they even start adding a lot. This is a chance to be in on the random fun of the start of an epic game. I missed other the start of other games and have always wanted to join one when it started.

    Also, you have to look at this game differently than Achaea. This is across an entire galactic sector. The scope is enormous, and you need to consider how the scaling will be different. You suggest that you want Achaea's content on one planet, but the game isn't about ONE planet. I expect it to be exciting on a interstellar level, rather than a country, continent, or global, or even planar level. This is about relationships between entire worlds and alien species rather than city-states. That does raise a concern about how relatable it will be, but the dev team did say that they are going to work hard to shoot for making relationships relevant for players.

    I'm super excited about this game and can't wait to get in and explore it personally. Given IRE's track record in the past (and a lot of their best people who have worked on IRE games in the past are building this one from scratch), I find it very difficult to believe that this game will be anything other than awesome.
  • Re: Let's talk trade skills

    I like this discussion! We’ve had smatterings of conversation.
    Or better than that post in the same thread:
     And better yet:

    Food for thought in the continuing discussion!

    On what you wrote, I would be surprised if they didn’t have some sort of tailoring. Even if a lot of people do have mass-produced clothing, I’m sure some people would want tailor-made items, especially the wealthy or for special occasions. Logic aside, though, unless they’re planning on replacing it with something, it seems unlikely that they’ll mix a creative outlet that is also a small gold (mark ;) ) sink.

    I’m  trying to remember all the various places that people have asked about body mods and cybernetics. I’ll see if I can find it later but I believe the ability to do body enhancements was going to be low.

    One really cool idea could be a way to have several people produce a ship as a collaborative effort. I know they’re going to have different classes and sizes of ships, so why not make them or pieces of them somewhat craftable?
  • Re: Character Concepts - Changed your mind yet?

    Cen said:
    I'm set on race and class. Even done some art work for myself of my character because why not? :smiley:
    Pics! Pics! Pics!
  • Re: Space

    Aurelius said:
    Qitorien said:

    In this test system pic, is the green @ the starship and the \ the direction it is facing and/or moving?
    Are each of the other objects systems? Is there a significance to the colors, perhaps size-related? In the main website's article, it says there's "more room" between than in the test pic. I take it that means distance and not a single room, haha, especially when given the immense dimensions of the sector. This is all looking super awesome and got me hyped all over again! :chuffed: :D

    Yep, the ship is the @ symbol and the \ behind it can be thought of as the energy blasting out of its engines, or whatever. It's going northwest. Yellow = sun, blue = planets, S symbols = space station.
    Awesome, thanks for the clarification! :)

    eta: So... given that direction explanation, the ship will probably want to steer in a bit different direction unless suns work differently in Starmourn :lol: That makes me curious about gravitational pull from large celestial bodies. Will Starmourn utilize it?
  • Re: Race Poll

    I'm not sure that the other races would be considered ugly by their own standards. It's a good point to consider probably though since all of us players are of course human and will have our human biases.