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  • Unofficial Starmourn Discord

    Come join the unofficial Starmourn Discord!

    What is Discord?
    Discord is a voice and text chat program designed for gamers. It works on both desktops and mobile devices. There are versions available for Windows, Mac (OSX and iOS), Android, and Linux. The feature list of Discord is quite extensive, however, succinctly, it is a simple yet powerful program that enables communication. It is similar, in some ways, to programs such as Skype, Teamspeak, or Ventrilo.

    What is the unofficial Starmourn Discord?
    The unofficial Starmourn Discord was created to give players excited about Starmourn a place to gather and chat in real time. While the Starmourn forums and website remain the primary mechanisms for news and information releases about the game, the unofficial Starmourn Discord allows players to discuss character concepts, roleplay ideas, and theorycraft in general about the game. Also, through the use of RSS plugins, the unofficial Starmourn Discord can also help you to be informed when a new post is made.

    What is discussed on the unofficial Starmourn Discord?
    Generally, the conversation tends to focus on Starmourn itself. The discussions generally range about ideas for characters, discussion about how systems might work, theorycrafting with regard to the lore of the game, and also discussion when new information is released. There are also non-Starmourn related channels where other games, real life, or just about anything else (within reason) can be discussed. The objective of this server is to enable players to meet and interact with other players who are also interested in Starmourn.

    How do I get Discord?
    Discord can be acquired by browsing to This page allows a Discord account to be created. From there, a user has the option to download Discord or use the webapp version of Discord. The feature set between the two are similar, one is simply web based. Also, the mobile version of Discord can be acquired from the Google Play store or the App Store.

    Is this Discord officially affiliated with IRE?
    No! Unofficial is the operative word. Although some IRE staff frequent the server, it is not operated by IRE. The unofficial Starmourn Discord server is administrated and moderated by non-IRE volunteers. 

    Are there any rules on the unofficial Starmourn Discord?
    At present, there are unwritten rules that are mostly common sense. We prefer to minimize the amount of moderation that occurs as we do not wish for the server to be restrictive or authoritative. However, spamming inappropriate material, trolling, and discussing illegal activities are some of the things that you should take elsewhere. Generally, if someone is doing something that disrupts the Discord, an administrator or moderator will speak with them to attempt to resolve the issue.

    Additionally, we welcome and encourage all discussion related to Starmourn! However, if you have a direct question or idea about the game, you should post it to the official Starmourn forums so that everyone can be involved in the discussion!

    Because this is a public Discord server, a few common sense features are in effect. Before you can type in chat, you must have verified your e-mail address through Discord, you must have been registered with Discord for more than 5 minutes, and you must be a member of the server for more than 10 minutes. These are common features that prevent bad actors from creating junk accounts to spam servers. If you've used Discord before, it is likely the first two items won't affect you at all.

    How do I join the unofficial Starmourn Discord?
    By following this invitation link:

    If you already have Discord installed, the invitation link will add the unofficial Starmourn Discord to your server list. If you do not have Discord installed, the invitaiton link will open the Discord page and allow you to create an account and begin using the Discord webapp. At that point, you will also have the option to download Discord if you wish. 

    From within Discord, you can also add the server by selecting the plus symbol at the bottom of your existing server list, selecting "Join a Server", inputting H8m7pFV into the field, and selecting the "Join" button.

    We look forward to seeing and meeting you on the unofficial Starmourn Discord!
  • Re: Race Adjustments.

    Dawn said:
    I will point out how very vain the idea that a highly evolved alien would become humanoid, or that an alien culture would be close to our own. There are a lot of variables per planet, and the Bipedal Form is clumsy and over-rated.
    You're not wrong. My thinking is that the devs went with humanoid aliens in some cases because that is easier for most people to relate to. Having said that, not all of the aliens are humanoid by any means. The Atarsids, Eckin and Cleax come to mind immediately, although there are more.
    Dawn said:
    Plants beings of tendrils, and would likely mimic the shapes of animals if they were inclined to move, such as insects or arachnids, I would suggest higher evolved 'bugs' on the plant planet. They should be omnivourous, preferring Fruits, then Vegatables, then Meats. Plants drain nutritients from dead and decomposing matter, and are part of the Rotting Process. I would suggest a ball of vines with paralytic barbs that create a sphere of about 2-3 feet in diameter, and is able to grab and hold rotting matter (dead leaves and such), and wraps the matter in a ball and drains the materials of nutrients by pressing it's roots into the hole . What isn't needed is dropped or expelled as part of it's breath. It should have 6-10 vine groups creating Tendrils which can be used like a squid, grabbing, holding, able to be used as fingers for manipulating objects.
    An interesting idea for a plant species! I am pretty sure all player races intended for launch have already been announced, but I wonder if this is something they could add later as a NPC or enemy of some sort?
    Dawn said:
    This evolves into a form of communication and a method of interacting with Technology without voice commands or gestures.
    How would the race communicate with other races that were unable to sense or produce electrical fields?
    Dawn said:
    These beings would have several tendrils, between 8 and 12, each with suckers,
    As this is a player race, how would a player reasonably command/use 8-12 tendrils? Are you envisioning them being able to hold items, etc? If so, how do you balance a race that can hold 12 weapons at once with other player races?
    Dawn said:
    Any Aquatic evolved creature would lay eggs, needing to be in a pool to survive. Look up fish mating habits and you'll have an idea. I would say between 2-4 eggs (jelly blobs) that must remain in an aquatic environment for 2 weeks before they hatch into very small and frail creatures. It requires an additional 4 months before they crawl out on their own. No boobs involved, simply requires the nutrients in ocean water, which can be synthesized. (As a rule, squids on earth simply lay unfirtilized eggs in a pool of water and they are Firtilized in the water by a male.) As these are squid inspired, I would suggest mating to be as simple as a male placing a tendril inside an oriface similar to a Vagina, while the female is receptive (Ovulation produces a reaction that is picked up by the male, causing it to ooze something like semen, which merely needs to be put inside the female. 3 days after Fertilization, the female will expell all the eggs she has inside her into a pool of water.
    Is knowing the specifics of how a race procreates that important for gameplay? Honest question.
    Dawn said:
    which in turn makes the Males sexually promiscuous, and females sexually submissive. With it's current lifespan, puberty should start around 10 for Females and 14 for Males,
    I forsee some practical issues with this...
    Dawn said:
    If you are going to make a hard sci fi setting with bits of Star Wars (Kith = Force), you should learn to distinguish between Animal Categories.
    I believe the devs are more going for Star Wars with bits of hard Sci-Fi. While I definitely see where you are coming from with your ideas, I don't know that spending the time to ensure that each race is biologically and physiologically accurate would add to gameplay all that much.
    Dawn said:
    Quadrupedal Intercourse is how dogs do it, it involves a sheathed bone covered in flesh that goes in a vulval mound, then expands inside to keep it in place. Thus the term Knotting. As a rule the Nusrizu would do it like dogs.
    Again, is knowing the specifics of how a race procreates that important for gameplay?

    Overall feedback regarding your ideas: You've clearly put thought into your post. However, I think you might be forgetting that meaningful and interesting gameplay is the end objective here. Some of these changes, while accurate, wouldn't really move Starmourn towards that goal (in my opinion) but would potentially cost time. Finally, since you did prompt for feedback in such an open ended way, I will also mention...
    Dawn said:
    I have four reasons that make my suggestions deeper and more accurate than most others,: first, I was born with an above average IQ, second, I have a photographic memory, third, I have a 5 hour sleep cycle (I have 3 more hours every day to study, exercise, or keep busy somehow),
    Starting a post off like this came across to me as off putting in that it felt condescending and arrogant. Even if it is true, it doesn't exactly work in your favor to get people onboard with your ideas, in my opinion. Also, 5 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period is likely unhealthy! Be careful!
  • Re: Captcha and foreigners

    Okay, I can tell you that very often I won't be able to see captcha challenges on sites when my uMatrix and uBlock are on. If they have those, or equivalent, turn them off OR whitelist * and it might resolve the issue. 

    If this fails, perhaps have them try using a different browser just to test to see if the issue persists there.
  • Re: Unofficial Starmourn Discord Server

    Just wanted to take a moment and say I really appreciate how many people have joined the Discord. There have been many good conversations about Starmourn (and other things too!) and it has really given me a chance to get to know some of the IRE community a bit! Being able to geek out and theory craft about Starmourn has made it easy to stay hyped for release!
  • Unofficial Starmourn Discord Server

    Greetings! I am quite new to the IRE community, however, I share in the excitement about Starmourn! I noticed several other IRE games have unofficial Discord servers, so I went ahead and put together an unofficial Discord server for Starmourn. While details about Starmourn are still coming out and there is some time until its release, I thought a Discord server would be a fun place to theory craft and of course, discuss the game and its setting/lore.

    Feel free to join and say hello!

    Edit: Because this is a "public" Discord server, a few common sense items are active. Before you can type in chat, you must have verified your e-mail through Discord, you must have been registered with Discord for more than 5 minutes, and you must be a member of the server for more than 10 minutes. These are common things that prevent people from creating junk accounts to spam servers. If you've used Discord before, it is likely the first two items won't affect you at all.