What is the value of a Mark compared to the value of a piece of Gold?

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What I'm wondering is what exactly is the value of a mark? Is 100 marks equal to 100 gp in Achaea? or is 100 marks equal to 1000 gold, or one gold etc. Like, it doesn't have to be exact, but some kind of comparison would be great.

Also, how much will it cost to own a refinery? In marks of course. 

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    The value of a mark is a very difficult question to answer, the value of the currency depends on what there is to spend it on, so it's wildly variable! 

    For your second, mostly-answerable question, the cost of a refinery depends on which economy it is in, if you're in a core system with a lot of trade and desirability, it will likely be higher than one out on some dust bowl. Currently, they start at just over 100,000 marks to purchase a new one (you might be able to pay less buying one from another player though).


  • KuraksviKuraksvi Member Posts: 23
    Thank youuuu! Guess I better buy that intergalactic cruiser after the refinery then.
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