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  • TNATNA Posts: 78Member ✭✭
    Antidas said:
    TNA said:
    @Antidas Point blank. Don't take things I say as personal insults. I'm not passive aggressively doing shit. Second time now. My "accusations" of you playing a notorious thief are not accusations, it's fact.
    Pro tip, if people seem to always think your comments are passive aggressive, maybe its the way you're saying things. I'm 100% a notorious thief and take no offense at being called such. What I -do- take offense at is the insinuation that all I do is rob lowbies, when in fact I make a point to try to avoid robbing people who appear to be brand new or might not know better, and instead focus on those that really -should- know better. Whether they do or not is another story, of course.

    See not EVERYONE has that reaction. I'd say 1 in 5 generally. Most just talk shit back and the fun cycle continues. I blame the military for this mentality. Get over it, join in, move on or ignore it. When I DON'T talk to you, that's when you'll now I don't like you at all and am being "passive aggressive".

    Got any good ones about things going wrong? Horribly, horribly wrong?

    Like one time in aeto I was shopping for syssin class. The guild denied me access, but I started asking individuals to do it for 100k on the sly.
     Not paying attention I didn't realize it was the new GM that offered me a deal. So I go to meet her at the neutral city of delve, intentionally on my part to avoid being ganked into a trap. I hand over the cash and she immediately tries to flay/strip me, so yeah trap. Thing is guards in delve at the time escorted you out of the city if you tried to attack anyone. So I lost 100k, didn't get class, but avoided a trap fairly easily. She was so pissed, she ooc'ed me about it. We had a nice chat. Good times.
  • ZenthainZenthain Posts: 2Member
    Retherian said:
    Need a space beggar option....I'd play a space hobo.
    Lol, hell yeah! "Have spare marks? Then donate to the Homeless Hobo Foundation!"
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