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All I Want For Winterflame Is...............



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    It has been mentioned that GMCP requests are very hard to get put into action, though I love this idea. I would think that a good work around for this would be just to have some small QoL updates.

    What I mean:

    Whenever a mob starts using a windup against you:

    [Mindsim]: 49250 Is Channeling a HUGE attack targetting YOU.

    Whenever a mob starts attacking you:

    [Mindsim]: 49250 Is now Targetting YOU.

    These seem much more doable. (if the gmcp changes arent allowed)

    from what I have heard top level doesnt really allow much GMCP changes at all, and the reason messages doesnt update when you read a message is for the same purpose. the more GMCP that is constantly updating. The more lag.

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    For cosmetic-type clothes to nicely organize themselves in wearloc order with a visual like the armor system. And if you 'outfit name' it allowing you to peek someone else the same.

    Alternative: The ability to switch performance weapons and/or level more than one and switch between them.
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