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What all can be done with them? Once you reach level 30 I believe you can explore them for resources, but are the mobs on them relatively unique to the planet or system? Or are the mobs just randomly generated?


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    What you're thinking of is wilderness areas. Most planets have a room you can use EXPLORE WILDERNESS in once you're level 30+ which will take you to a procedurally generated area with mobs unique to that planet. Wilderness mobs scale to you level, have increased item drop rates and are instanced, so you won't go there and find that they're already bashed out. Wilderness areas also let you do the exploration minigame to get some resources that you can then pick up with your ship from space around the planet. The resources acquired are mostly too small to be useful though, so wilderness areas are basically just for bashing and for xenzoo scanning.

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    While exploring Ishbi canyon I may have found a room that had an option to explore the wilderness. It's probably a good thing I didn't go in. Still it is kind of surprising it would even show up for me considering I'm not even level 20.
    EDIT: does this mean only some planets have wilderness areas, but not all of them?
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    Some do, some do not i think. There might be/have been plans for all planets to have wilderness sections back in the day but they're not exactly a priority addition right now.
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