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Holiday Wish-list

Happy Holidays everyone!
I wanted to spend a small pocket of free time discussing the one thing I really super duper wish Starmourn had. That of course being:
Minipet League

I think it'd be EXTREMELY COOL if we had some form of minipet combat. They could level up, have skill choices, have weaknesses and strengths. Have their own arena event. As the system expands, you could have other game loops have small chances to drop super cool, rare minipets. You could install NPC pet trainers. Have WILD minipets to combat and/or capture. You could make a way for someone to level entirely without having to go bash! Grab your trusty companions, and take on the next miniboss! Each area could have a trainer (more down the road hopefully!) and fighting them could give you, and your pets!, experience.

Could make a few pet 'families' which are strong/weak against the other ones. Voidkith, Starkith, Mechanical, Wild....imagine the fun!

This is my dream endgame. I don't go save the universe because it needs saving. I go save it, because that super boss monster might drop a starkith rockhopper. And by golly, that little guy needs a new home. With me. I don't get on every day to mindlessly grind out another perk point. I get on every day to mindlessly grind out a perk point that makes my minipets more awesome in some way. And I grind that point, by taking on the Minipet League, the true masters of the art, who wait for me to come to challenge them.

/nerd dreams


  • Sounds almost like playing a text game with classes and levels and a pvp system.

  • So you want World of Warcraft battle pets.
  • Achaea has this, without the NPC trainer aspect, and all of like 3 people participate in it.
  • Rylek, the only way you're getting this is if you start using your frying pan as a drying pan, and try to convince people that onigiri are powdered doughnuts.
    I forgot I was going to call myself Ike while in chargen, so now I'm Zarrach.
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