Class So Far: (B.E.A.S.T., Engineer, Fury)

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So I have three classes right now; B.E.A.S.T., Fury, Engineer. I just wanted to share my thoughts here so far on em. Next up is Scoundrel...

B.E.A.S.T.: Awesome class. Crazy high damage which is fun. Sunder is not -SUPER- hard to pull off if the opponent can survive the damage onslaught (most cannot). Incinerate is really wonky. Most times I double sear and go right for incinerate (sub 60% muscular) and it fails, which I don't think it should. Usually when I can incinerate I can sunder so its really not worth trying to incinerate just a bit funner of a kill.

Engineer: Lots of issues so far with this class. Not so much the subsystem build-up to kill but rather the upkeep. When bots are killed (due to crits) its a run and hide to rebuild bots hope you have enough parts to keep going. Bots should not be channeled. It should be an instant build really. Fighting without turret is garbage. No way to really build subsystem damage without one. BOT LIST should be balance-less (to assist with bot upkeep) as should adding modifications to turrets. QPCs should be able to be constructed in bundles. It take forever after a fight where someone keeps killing turrets to rebuild a good bundle of them. So many things to keep track of which makes it a very tedious class. TURRET STATUS should also default to YOUR turret if it is in the room. Having to keep track of your turrets id-num can be difficult.

Fury: Most polished class thus far. This is what other classes should be built around. Only thing I would like to see here is judgement telling how many muscular/internal afflictions the target has instead of just the number of afflictions. Also I would like to see their ability to chase damage + subsystem + afflictions lowered a bit. I can literally push for heartrend when the target gets maimed go unstoppable slice slice and throw them.

Excited to try out Scoundrel next!
Character: Necerursh
Class: B.E.A.S.T. | Engineer | Fury


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    When you do, you know where to find us! The more feedback, the better.
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    Steve said:
    When you do, you know where to find us! The more feedback, the better.
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