Cosmpiercers and ship PvP

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Cosmpiercer pvp is more active nowadays. That's good. But it also shows one issue I have with the ship PvP system:

When you die in on-foot open PvP areas, death penalties are reduced. It's only like 150-200 marks. That makes it less punishing to get into PvP and encourages players who might otherwise not be willing to try it out. That's really good! But there is nothing like that for ship PvP - and to make matters worse, even a normal (non-reduced) on-foot death is less than 2k marks, but a ship one? If you die and lose your cargo, that's at least 20k down the drain for a battleship - and that is a VERY conservative estimate. It's more likely to be 50k marks or more. And that kind of punishment for a single death is just excessive.

I suggest this: if your ship gets blown up in an open PvP area, you don't drop normal cargo. You only drop "junk" cargo, but all your batteries, repairkits, bots, etc? Those remain on the ship.

Heck, ideally this should happen even if you die outside of open PvP areas. You don't lose your equipment when you die on foot, why should you when you die on a ship?

As an additional but also important benefit, this will make it less punishing for players (often newbies!) who accidentally fly into cosmpiercers and then can't retrieve cargo they lose.

I'll suggest an ingame agreement so players at least agree not to grab each others' cargo during cosmpiercer battles (or more likely return it after the battle), but I think it's better to have hardcoded systems than this type of honor system, especially if not everyone would be willing to agree to it.


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    I want to start by saying I don't PvP at all, so there may be some facets of how it all works that I am missing.

    That said, the way I think it should be handled is via ship insurance packages instead of ship just being insured or not. An example might be something like this:

    Tier 1 - Costs 1000 Marks - Covers recovery of the ship hull/superstructure but no mods, cargo, etc. 
    Tier 2 - Costs 2000 Marks - Covers recovery of the ship hull/superstructure, no mods, and 50% cargo value.
    Tier 3 - Costs 3000 Marks - Covers recovery of the ship hull/superstructure, no mods, and 100% cargo value.

    The cost would still increase/decrease dependent on ship superstructure size. It gives players a choice with taking a risk or being risk averse.

    The insurance would have to expire regularly in order to make an idea like this work, of course.
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    After some talk on the discord, I realized I didn't mention trade commodities (transteel, sensors, etc, as well as raw materials).

    I think they should be treated the same as junk (as in things you get from incursions) - if your ship is destroyed, they get dropped. That way there is possibility for conflict in pirate refinery zones - even if one player grabs the refinery's cargo, another can still shoot them down and take it.

    All I'm asking is that player ships don't lose ammo, repairkits and bots upon death.
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