What's the current state of the game?

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Which factions exist and what do they stand for? Do we still have to pay gold to rez? Is crafting still crazy expensive in gold? Are ships less spammy? What's the best place to read the changes for the past year or three?


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    @RocketCat made a pretty good video on the factions here -  - besides his obvious CA propaganda... ( <3 )

    You do pay currency (marks) to rez.

    I'm not sure that crafting costs have changed, but maybe someone else can answer.

    I don't think ships are that spammy if you're using a proper space map captured outside of the main output. There's one already integrated into the Nexus GUI, and various others available to Mudlet users.

    https://www.starmourn.com/2020/01/04/our-first-year-in-space/ - This would be a good overview of the first year, and for the last sixth months you may want to check out the blog posts at: https://www.starmourn.com/blog/ . I'd say most notably, we've received end-game leveling content, xenoslaying (group-based super-mob hunting), space passenger (taxi-like) missions, and a daily credit system.

    Also, I still remember your dance party pretty fondly, so welcome back if you decide to plunge back in.  =)  
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    The most important thing about economy is that people earn a lot more money than in the past so even though crafting and deaths still cost the same, but relatively speaking it costs far less.
    You can also earn daily credits which keeps the credits' market prices low.
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