super ultra mega mobs

ElttilaElttila Member Posts: 2
so can someone explain to me why in areas there are mobs that completely shatter the level range? Like mirror lake there was an eel that was stronger than ever other killed a few of us at level 10 and then almost killed a level 32...
there is also a mutated rodent that is "extremely powerful" despite all the other rodents being about as strong as you at level 15 and hits for close to 700 hp.


  • CubeyCubey Member Posts: 332 ✭✭✭
    Did these mobs have unique names that sounded like codes? Glisal-5862, something like that?

    If so then these are endgame hunting targets - every once in a while, a super strong mob with a unique name and a bad attitude spawns and it's up to endgame players to take care of it.
  • ElttilaElttila Member Posts: 2
    Nope normal names. Same as any other in the area
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