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deshivideshivi Member Posts: 1
Hey guys.  I've got a few questions that I'm hoping people can help me with. 

It's been years (15 or so) since I've done any serious mudding, so think of me as a total newbie. 

What does everyone use to play? The last think I had was zmud, and I don't think that has seen an update in 12 or so years. 

Do most people just play on the main client?  

Are there any starter resources for after the tutorial that people can point me to?



  • WoodroWoodro Member Posts: 29 ✭✭
    Greetings Traveler! 

    From what I have seen there are two main clients people use:

    Nexus: Great out of the box! Built-in GUI among a lot of other great things. It has an awesome community for help also.
    Mudlet: IRE standard at this point. It is a really strong client. Barebones so anything you want you either hope someone made it already and is sharing or you learn to code in LUA.

    Both clients are great. I would honestly suggest starting with Nexus and seeing if you have a need for MUDLET with your playstyle.

    As far as starter resources. Most FACTIONS contain an FHELP that is player ran. Lots of information can be found there. Also, NEWBIE is a great place to ask a question. 
  • CubeyCubey Member Posts: 332 ✭✭✭
    Each faction has well-written help files that should put you on the right track. For Song and CA try FHELP WELCOME, I forgot what it is for Scatterhome.
    I second using Nexus. Mudlet has some functionality Nexus lacks (vectors and tables as variables for example) but I found Nexus more than enough for all activities, including advanced space combat and PvP.
  • EukeladeEukelade Administrator, Moderator Posts: 177 Starmourn staff
    Welcome!! So glad you've decided to try out Starmourn. I hope your journey's going well so far. I'll third what Woodro and Cubey have said. Personally, Nexus is my main client and I used it during development and I consider the Nexus the "intended" experience for Starmourn -- but that said, Mudlet is great also, and some of the stuff people have done to mod it for Starmourn is really really cool!
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