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Apologies for the lack of recent updates!

Sorry all! I've been traveling for the last 6 weeks minus about 10 days. I do most of the updating/web/blog work, but I'll be back at it when I'm home in a bit over a week. Fear not, the team is progressing nicely while I've been gone. @Tecton has things well in hand.


  • Was not worried :)
  • Good news! I'll just keep waiting patiently for news about the new class. I am eagerly anticipating the jedi star kith class. I'd love to know more about what kind of lightsabers weapons and Force powers class abilities to look forward to.
  • Star kith cooking tradeskill confirmed.
  • Cant wait!
    The hype


  • edited October 2017
  • Will cooking be a skillset???
  • Rothare said:
    Will cooking be a skillset???
    Yep, though unrelated to star kith. ;)
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