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    Rhindara said:
    Now that deaths are happening a little more frequently, a READLOG DEATHSIGHT would be really useful to keep track of them.
    Or History Deathsight or whatever it's called here.
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    Although most of the following can be solved with aliases or reflexes, these QoL changes would make the game more intuitive for struggling new players.

    1) SCAN INR would be an intuitive alias for MS SCAN INR.
    3) A shorter native alias for XENOZOOLOGY, something like XENO.
    4) For engineers, let us directly CONSTRUCT <gadgetname/turret/botname>.
    6) Simpler command for showing cargo: CARGO <ALL|SHIP|HERE>.
    7) I wish showing ship cargo would also list empty cargo space.
    8) Lifts, whew boy. They are slow and cumbersome to use, making me groan when WALK TO decides to use lifts. To speed them up (if appropriate), can each lift get a speed rating? This way we can have fast, short-distance lifts as well as slow space elevators tethering space stations to planet surfaces. To make lifts easier to use, I wish lifts were physical rooms instead of props, this way we could walk directly into a lift. Building on that, lifts could be called by bumping into their closed door (if they are at another floor). Also, lifts could automatically show their list of stops when you enter, and they could automatically push you out when you reach your destination. So a typical lift interaction would be two or three commands. Example: SW, SW, 1. (SW bumps you into the closed lift door, summoning it after a second or two. SW again to enter the now open lift, and you automatically see the stops on entry. You enter your stop number, wait a second or two and then get pushed out to your destination.)
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    I recall this being mentioned somewhere but a way to allow people to follow even while off balance would make things like group bashing much nicer, not to mention group pvp. A skill in skirmishing or exploration may be appropriate?
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    Refinery queue all. A shortcut to queue all your tethered rocks and scooped gas to a) your refineries, else b) the cheapest refinery.
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    As a follow up to Rhindara's Faction and Clan comments, something that would also be a nice addition would be being able to set the amount of days a referendum will take, and ending an election/vote as soon as every person in that clan has voted. This would make referendums much more usable. 
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    edited January 27
    • A new inherent ability called COSMPIERCER ITEMS that neatly lists your owned cosmpiercer items, the same way that cosmpiercer scan does.
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    I realize this one would probably take substantial time and energy, so I'm not expecting it any time soon, but I think it would help some people out immensely:
    Expand the PATH TRACK functionality so that it can get you to any room that's connected to where you are via PTP, lift, transits, and/or voidgates. The code already handles two of these within the same area, so at the very least transfers feel like they'd be a viable addition. The big obstacle here aside from whatever is hardcoded to disallow for this in the first place, would be the tracking taking you through enemy territory and possibly getting you hit with guards, but ideally there would be a way to flag those areas (specifically capitals, main factional stations) so that if someone's enemied to that faction, they won't path track through it. Bonus points if there's an option to bypass this if someone's feeling brave.

    The main reason I bring this up is that some people are seriously directionally hindered, even with maps (which aren't that helpful for some people anyway), and it can put them off of trying to navigate on their own entirely. You can ask friends, sure, but if you don't have any from the start when you're trying the game for the first time, this isn't necessarily an option. You can also ask strangers, if they're around, but feeling like you have some kind of autonomy in a big sprawling world like this can go a long way toward keeping people sticking around.
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    Rylek said:
    Can we get a mark subaccount that factories feed into and draw from? I'd love to see an actual earnings report
    This. I feel my marks log is clogged with single orders queued on refinery. A better way to do this would be to have a sub account which doesn’t spam the main marks log. 

    In addition, a credit log/ credit history command will be very useful to keep track of credits 
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    In shopkeeping, ability to prioritize display of categories. right now, my uncategorized items display before my categories. 

    At least, have all categories display higher than uncategorized items 

    bulk/ auto add categories.  like adding all SHIRT to category CLOTHING or equivalent.

    Bulk would mean adding all shirt to CLOTHING one shot

    Auto would mean adding any shirts you list to CLOTHING whenever you add a new item
  • KirinKirin Member Posts: 97 ✭✭✭
    A command to list all your promo items with their locations

    PROMO LIST MINE <filter>

    at this time it is impossible to find all your promo items lost in different parts of the sector
  • AdrennAdrenn Member Posts: 13
    So I don't fully understand it's purpose even, but being able to see the wilderness on a map would be nice.

    I'm coming from Achaea as my only other MUD and the wilderness there still had a you might get lost factor, but if I dipped my toes in I could find my way out. Without a map I'm kind of terrified to even step into it.
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    QoL asks from the discussion on Discord (just putting them here so I don't forget I've asked the question before and bring it up again next month :) )

    - Are explosive barrels in the improvised cover list for scoundrels? if not, can that be possible? (Reminded that improvisedcover is terrain based, so I guess the real question is: Is it possible in certain terrain?)
    - Jetpacks not being tied to a clothing slot
    - Bandoliers and knuckles being part of the scoundrel customization list

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  • SteveSteve Member Posts: 101 ✭✭✭
    How about a command to show clothing slots and what's worn in them?
  • AdrennAdrenn Member Posts: 13
    So I only just found out about this command, but if RPWHO could persist beyond logout it might lead to the list staying populated and might make it less intimidating to spontaneous rp with strangers? It feels like a config-esque setting and those generally persist.
  • RylekRylek Member Posts: 68 ✭✭✭
    Having collectibles you have up for sale be a different color on your personal list would be amazong
  • ReelocReeloc Member Posts: 23 ✭✭
    Would it be possible to use the SUFFIX power on people who aren't online?

    I've seen some people who still carry suffixes or titles which they technically shouldn't or can't be using anymore due to dormancy.
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