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    A Decheeran who joined Scatterhome for the sole purpose that other factions have these odd concepts of "Health" and "Safety" when it comes to food, and "You can't put nanites in everything" and that's just wrong, watch, look, there they are!
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    Decheeran Fury.

    Product of a previous adventuring group made up of a male Krona B.E.A.S.T merc called Urgan Von, a female Jin Nanoseer bounty hunter called Cercis Rotha, a male and female W'hoorn Fury couple seeking revenge against a human scoundrel whose betrayal almost wrecked their lives called Loric Brindex (m) and Thia Lexo (f), a lonely female Neth-el Engineer who was cast out of her community for being a catastrophic cluts (jar jar binks but less annoying and stupid) called Ellie and a male Elgan scoundrel who needed people he could trust to have his back called Sabtranax Al'xaxar. 

    This adventuring party stumbled upon a Nabian conspiracy to kidnap young Deechrans and experiment on their physiology to create mindless slaves who would be trusted to kidnap and capture more slaves and rescued the prototype Decheeran from this fate while killing the team of scientists working on the project early in their adventuring years. Knowing that the Nabians would stop at nothing to retrieve their prototype they hid it at their base of operations, a large asteroid this adventuring party pooled their money to make habitable that they jokingly dubbed Homeless. 

    Unfortunately the experiments took their toll on the Decheeran leaving it with only a couple years left to live. The group invited the Decheeran to live out it's remaining time at the asteroid unaccosted by the Nabians that seek it. A section of Homeless was retrofitted with a requested mix of soils and plant life so the Decheeran could live comfortably and over its short time there got to know the group it was so grateful for. When it realized that Urgan and Cercis were deeply in love but could not have children it used the last of its strength to produce a bud, rather than sacrificing an arm or leg in this process it used its whole body as the foundation and left a note for the odd couple that this was it's gift to them. 

    30 years later the adventuring party had drifted apart leaving Homeless in the care of Urgan and Cercis who had been through their fair share of ups and downs in their relationship while looking after the budding Decheeran but found a renewed and refreshed spark when the bud took its first steps, they dubbed the new member of their family Harbinger. They knew enough about Decheerans to understand that it was unusual for one of its species to development in the midst of the kind of emotional turbulence their fractures and arguing had produced and could see the effects of this on what they considered to be their child. While each had instilled a bit of their culture and a bit of themselves into it over the 30 years it was growing and gaining awareness and intelligence, neither knew how to address the aparent angst, anger and rage that seemed to plague it. They reached out to their old friends Loric and Thia to see if they could help and to their relief the couple returned to Homeless to teach Harbinger the ways of the Fury. 

    Harbinger proved to be a quick study as bold as it's Krona (as Harbinger was prone to refering to Urgan as) and as capable as it's Jin. The W'hoon couple departed to spend the last of their days among their people tending to their own children and as Cercis was approaching her 120th year alive she could feel the end approaching. Cercis asked her child to end her life so she could die as a respectable Jin, though she did this in private as she was well aware with Urgan's disagreements with this aspect of her culture. Harbinger agreed and cut down Cercis providing her a quick death much to the dismay of Urgan who had not even been given a chance to protest. Full of sorrow for his loss and rage at Harbinger for not consulting him before murdering the woman he loved he challenged Harbinger to a duel to the death and Harbinger in it's own rage and shame accepted. In a public arena on Urgan's home world they fought a long viscous battle that pleased the crowd and though Urgan fought well Harbinger ended his life, giving his Krona a quick but celebrated death.

    Upon returning to Homeless he was greeted by Ellie who had extended her life with cybernetics and had been keeping tabs on Urgan and Cercis over the years, she assured Harbinger that both it's Krona and Jin had died the way they wanted to and talked with Harbinger about how best to keep their memory alive. Harbinger decided to have Ellie craft him a pair of silvery metal tusks made from Urgan's B.E.A.S.T armor that it embedded into either side of it's head as horns, a look it knew it's Krona would appreciate and a purple symbol of T'rath made from the metal pieces of Cercis' swarmglove, which it embedded into it's forehead. It vowed to always carry their memory with it and to never return to Homeless, determined to forge it's own path.
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    Xiru started off as an idealist nanoseer who wanted to see REAL CHANGE™ in the Ascendancy and instead found the Ascendancy changing him. So he fled. Then instantly regretted that decision but instead of going back, he was stubborn and moved to Scatterhome. Unfortunately that period was marred by being frozen most the time. Now he's left there too, drifting around as a rogue. Slightly bitter. Still mad at himself. Still too stubborn to admit to himself that all he wants to do is go home. 

    He's also a scoundrel now, as the nature of a nanoseer didn't suit him at all.
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