Endgame Objectives & Conflict

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I love what the Admin have done thus far in delivering a great platform to launch things from.

However, I believe that it is time to tie-in a lot of the great game mechanics into tangible goals and objectives on an ongoing basis. 

What might help is a conflict system that ties in multiple things outside of outright attacking a cosmpiercer. It also likely helps with colonization in a certain sense.

Below is a vision

- Every interactable station/ planet in occupied territories (including faction planets) have a certain population
- Population needs several things to be sustained, else they will revolt
- The dimensions of their needs could be as follows
   1) Materials - deliver certain number of materials (Commerce)
   2) Entertainment - performances and casinos used in their surface (Culture) 
   3) Protection - from raiders and external threats (Military)
   4) Hacking terminals for digital security (Intelligence)
- Each faction can interact with planets along these four axes. Some will have natural affinity towards the home faction, others more neutral
- Based on year-end scores, systems could generate aggregate taxes to fill up the coffers 

This would tie-in all aspects of the holistically into a ever-shifting and changing balance of scales between the factions as opposed to being disjointed activity with no over-arching goal. 


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    I like this.
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    I forgot I was going to call myself Ike while in chargen, so now I'm Zarrach.
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