Announcements post #60: Our Next Big Thing is decided!

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<pre>From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: Our Next Big Thing is decided!

Greetings, Starmourners!

Our "Next Big Thing" poll has now been closed was a really tough battle!

With a few of you having moved their votes from other options to Economy (in the comments), the big winner is Economy!
We have a few major projects and exciting changes that we're going to tackle in the Economy sector in the near future. However, please allow us a few days to put all of our plans together before sharing with you the details!

As a reminder, we will work on everything that was put up as an option in the poll, so just because Economy won this time, it doesn't mean everything else is scrapped.

Stay tuned this week for updates on what we'll be doing regarding mining, refining, manufacturing and other related activities!</pre>


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