Event Log: Tranquility Deepness

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A buzz of sensation vibrating your inner ear heralds an incoming subspace transmission on your
mindsim's communication network. By the urgent, grating feeling, you know the transmission is coming 
across on a wideband distress frequency.

(EMERGENCY): Alert, alert. Tranquility Deepness is under assault. Iron Corsairs spotted in system.
We're under attack! Hostiles are everywhere!

(EMERGENCY): All available friendlies to the Laskarid system. Repeat - this is an emergency distress
broadcast. All friendlies to the defense of Tranquility Deepness. And bring your flakking guns! All 
friendlies to the defense of--

The sickening buzz of the wideband distress frequency grates to an abrupt stop, replaced by the
normal, subliminal, listening hum that is always with you.

On a sector-wide emergency broadcast of the Laskarid system: A battle rages outside a strange, dark
space station in orbit around the voidgate, a ferocious conflict of ships against ships.

<The first players arrive, some getting promptly blown up in a large space battle between corsairs and bounty hunters around a strange looking station>

In the Laskarid system: The defending ships are a rag-tag bunch of vessels with poor defenses and
out of date equipment. The attacking pirates are sleek and bright, with a deadly efficiency in every 
calculated movement.

In the Laskarid system: Soundless explosions and poor odds make for vigorously entertaining viewing,
and a spiral of sub-broadcasts and ameteur military holographers begin to pilot drones through the 
battle, catching every available angle.

In the Laskarid system: Newscasters and commentators across the commsphere identify the attackers as
the Iron Corsairs, though there is much speculation about the nature of the station and its 

In the Laskarid system: Emergency distress beacons can be seen being launched regularly from the
space station under seige, shot down with merciless regularity by the attacking Corsairs.

<People start shooting the bounty hunters too>

Scraps of audio trickle across the commsphere: "The corsairs - shoot the corsairs you idiots, not

Somewhere on the Commsphere: An enthusiastic Elgan collective launches a betting pool about the
outcome of the battle.

In the Laskarid system: As the battle winds on, the carnage is truly astonishing, with defending
ships cutting through the wreckage of what must be an entire fleet of pirate attackers.

In the Laskarid system: After an exhausting fight, the battle begins to turn in favor of the
defenders, and the remaining Corsairs begin to retreat through the voidgate.

In the Laskarid system: A sweep of a drone camera around the perimeter of the station shows a vast
amount of wreckage, twisted hulks of spaceships and frozen bodies floating lifelessly in the 
blackness of space.

In the Laskarid system: The shielding flickering on the outside of the strange space station
abruptly powers off, and a signal goes out to all defending ships that Tranquility Deepness is 
available for docking.

<Everyone docks>

The cavernous ship terminus of Tranquility Deepness.             
Separated from the rest of the space installation by a series of large, keyhole-shaped airlocks,
this ship terminus is a covered platform with one side completely open to vacuum. Pilots land atop 
enormous magnetic clamps, then walk through snaky, automated docking tubes of a strange, flexible 
black metal into the pressurized safety of Tranquility Deepness. The terminus almost resembles a 
cave, with the starry void and twin, dead stars of Razor's Rift swinging past the jagged, mouthlike 
opening. There is little question that no current civilization had a hand in building this place - 
it seems utterly foreign, with the closest analogue to its design being the voidgates.

-- Bek  (#66650) --------------------------------------------------------------
Race:             Amaian                                Gender: Female
Affiliation:      Unknown                               Status: Healthy

Description:      This athletic, tight-bodied Amaian woman is dressed in all practical, midweight
armor and has the bearing of someone used to close quarters combat. She wears a PIECE in a thigh 
holster, and her gloved fingers are never far away from its custom-printed grip. Her large eyes are 
a vibrant shade of hazel, an unusual color for an Amaian. Her skin is pale purple, with faded 
tattoos on the backs of her hands and creeping up her neck.
Strength:          You estimate that she is extremely powerful.

Bek surveys the incoming crowds of fighter pilots and starship captains, her pale purple skin a rather ghastly shade of mauve.

Nykara flashes a salute to those gathered.

Sythiorn begins to follow Rhindara Molotov.

Ylouhoboroch carefully unwraps a tinfoil wrapped hypersquare, revealing a yam colored brick inside, before consuming the entire thing quickly.

Nykara says, "Interesting place."

Bek surveys the incoming crowds of fighter pilots and starship captains, her pale purple skin a rather ghastly shade of mauve.

Akiko says, "Rather. One wonders what the purpose of the attack was."

Amaranda Eyrlock takes a drink from a nanoplastic bottle filled with carbonated Volt cola.

Revelin says to Bek, "How can we help?"

Nykara says to Akiko, "Lawless life."

Nykara Sa'rogue nods at Bek.

Revelin says, "That's us!"

Ylouhoboroch says to Bek, "Would that one like a tuber?"

Ylouhoboroch gives something to Bek.

Khudaldaachin says, "We were."

Revelin says, "Some less friendly than others, though."

Albion says, "Yep. I saw a few Dominion ships firing at your people, but not everyone else."

Ylouhoboroch says to Bek, "There. That one has a tuber. They are calming."

Qitorien says, "Ahh, my eyes."

Bek clears her throat, nodding in response to you. "Right, then. Welcome to Tranquility Deepness. We haven't opened our blast doors for a good long while, but after what just happened...".

Sythiorn says, "Some of us. A few Scatterhome ships took down some of yours."

Ren says, "I'm sure it was a misunderstanding."

Albion breaks into hearty laughter.

Nykara says, "Hahahahaha."

Bek glances around at the continuing chaos, and the drift of shrapnel and husked ships floating by outside the terminus. "Well, we kinda had to.".

Nuzir says, "Getting raided by Iron Corsairs will do that."

Bek firms her mouth into a grim line, nodding gravely to Nuzir.

Bek stuffs the bloody cloth she's holding into her pocket, and keeps talking to whoever will listen. "I'm Bek. I'm in administration. Suppose you might be wondering what we get up to out here in the Deepness.".

Nykara happily says, "A little."

Akiko tilts her head and listens intently to Bek.

Amaranda Eyrlock nods her head at Bek, showing her agreement.

Millette ponders the situation.

Ylouhoboroch says, "This one is indifferent. This one is curious about food and beverages, though."

Ylouhoboroch takes a drink from an aluminum can filled with carbonated Volt cola.

Lorilae Eyrlock giggles at Ylouhoboroch.

Amaranda Eyrlock's eyes sparkle with amusement at Ylouhoboroch.

Nuzir says, "And curious what the corsairs were after, though I'm not sure they need a reason to go after stations this far out."

Bek rubs her chin, and shrugs at Ylouhoboroch. "Well, we've got food and drink here too. Most of us here, though, we're bounty hunters. Or...we were.".

Nykara Sa'rogue's ears perk up as their attention turns towards Bek.

Nuzir Ironbound winces in pain.

Comprehension flashes across Revelin Lockwood's face.

Akiko says, "Were? Did something happen?"

Bek glances around, wincing as she spots a couple of corpses being callously hooked in through an airlock for INR retrieval. "We've taken some losses, as you can see. The Iron Corsairs have wanted this territory for a long time. Always beat em back...but we're gonna need reinforcements.".

Ylouhoboroch says, "Yes. Explosions happened."

Nuzir Ironbound nods at Bek.

Ylouhoboroch sniffs a tough-skinned tuber, trying to decipher just what that smell is.

Ylouhoboroch eats a tough-skinned tuber with obvious gusto.

Millette says, "What's so special about this sub-sector?"

Nuzir Ironbound nods at Nykara Sa'rogue.

Bek nods at Ylouhoboroch. "Yeah, lots of em, too. The amount of salvage this front just generated is gonna keep the Breakers busy for a real long time, so at least someone will be happy.".

Albion nods at Nykara Sa'rogue.

Millette says, "I mean, besides the warpgate."

Vaxis stretches languidly.

Vaxis nods at Millette.

Vaxis says, "Yeah...a station this close to a void gate is as close to civilization as Omni."

Vaxis says, "S'just also close to the wilds."

Bek turns to address Millette, "Nothing special about it, except that it's out here in neutral territory. That makes it vulnerable sometimes. It also makes it free.".

Nuzir Ironbound nods at Bek.

Nykara Sa'rogue nods.

Nykara says to Bek, "I'm interested in this bounty hunting business. How'd you get started?"

Ren says, "I suppose they thought you to be easy prey. I'm glad to have proven them wrong!"

Sythiorn says, "Freedom is overrated."

Nuzir says, "No better target for a corsair than an isolated one."

Millette says, "True, they are opportunists, first and foremost."

Ylouhoboroch takes a drink from an aluminum can filled with carbonated Volt cola.

Albion says, "Oh look, it's Bob. Bounty Putter."

Bek checks on a few status items on her datapad, then grins at Ren. "We appreciate all the help. And if any of you want to join up as bounty hunters, well, we'd welcome you. For a fee, of course...you mighta helped, but that don't change our business practices any.".

"Are we talking free ideologically?" Zah asks Bek curiously, the Shen's vermillion hands clasped behind her back. She watches the Amaian with keen, striking golden eyes, lacking in pupils. "Or free of financial cost?".

Nykara Sa'rogue's ears perk up as their attention turns towards Bek.

Nuzir Ironbound grins and nods at Bek.

Nykara happily says to Bek, "Keep talking!"

Bob raises his hand in greeting to Albion and says, "Hi!"

Ylouhoboroch says to Bek, "Are the food and beverages beyond the door that goes beep?"

Nuzir says, "I'm just eager to see another new place in the sector."

"Heh heh heh," Nuzir Ironbound chuckles.



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    Bek walks over to the nearest airlock and keys in a passcode, calling over her shoulder to Ylouhoboroch. "Yep, along with some other daka too. I'll open up the rest of the station for you. Go inside. Rest your bones. We'll all be busy with the recovery effort for some time.".

    As you breathe in, you smell the tangy, ozone-rich, slightly stale scent of recycled air.

    The door beeps quietly. It appears to be locked.

    The door beeps quietly. It appears to be locked.

    Bob chuckles long and heartily.

    Nuzir Ironbound nods at Bek.

    Ylouhoboroch says, "This one wishes luck in recovery and rescue and repair."

    Akiko says, "Well, thank you very much for the hospitality!"

    <A large group storms deeper into the station>

    Furrowing her hairless blue brow, Zah gives Bek a dubious look. "It seems to me you have that the
    other way around, Ms Bek," the Prime crisply replies. "Serving as a bounty-hunter, one should think, 
    would pay us a fee, rather than costing it.".

    Nuzir says, "I look forward to seeing what assistance we can render."

    Albion grins mischievously at Zah Aurazi.

    Amaranda says, "Need to pay for the permit, then you can collect a fee I imagine."

    Amaranda Eyrlock's eyes sparkle with amusement at Zah Aurazi.

    Nykara glances toward Zah with a disdainful scoff. "You're Celestine, don't you know how business
    works? You pay in, get paid out.".

    Khudaldaachin says, "That makes sense."

    Bek turns away from the open airlock and shrugs at Zah, "Hey, it's just an initial buy in fee -
    after that, you're free to build your business just as you want.".

    Ylouhoboroch says to Zah, "This one suspects that charging a fee is to keep every idiot with a rock
    -hopper-ship from attempting to claim bounties."

    Ylouhoboroch yells from nearby, "Crisps!"

    "I do not know how they do things here ..." says Zah , giving a sniff. "But in the Ascendancy, we
    pay our employees fair wages, rather than charging them for the privilege of working for us. Or is 
    this a paid internship sort of deal, hmm? Very exploitative. I admire the nerve of it.".

    Amaranda says to Zah, "Alllso hiiii queenface!"

    Ren says, "Oh, interesting nickname."

    Bek says to Zah, "You don't like it, you sure don't have to participate. Don't expect the hunters
    will be changing our minds anytime soon, though.".

    Ren says, "Let us see the sights then!"

    Akiko nods at Ren.

    "Yes," Zah says Ren, glancing aside their way. "I have supplicants in Scatterhome. It is a deeply
    humbling affair.".

    Akiko blinks.

    Akiko says, "Supplicants?"

    Wryly, Zah says to Akiko, "Who am I to deny them their right to admire?"

    "And what are the perks for joining this club of yours, hmmm?" Zah asks Bek intently, studying the
    Amaian shrewdly.

    Akiko ponders over that for a moment, then nods, still looking bewildered. "Well... I will not

    Ren says, "I suppose a bounty hunter is paid for bounties!"

    Bek wipes some blood off on her pants, and frowns at the stains still remaining on her palms. "See,
    used to be, if you were a bounty hunter, you were on your own, You buy in with us now, though? Well. 
    We can get you in touch with contacts throughout the sector.".

    Bek fires her fingerguns at Zah, "Sure is a lot easier to find who you're looking for when you have
    a whole network of allies helping you access the SIC servers, or take your bribes without complaint.

    Revelin says to Bek, "Not to mention the powerful new tools you provide."

    Bek nods enthusiastically at Revelin, "Exactly.".

    Tanis says, "'lo!"

    Akiko raises her hand in greeting to Tanis Lockwood and says, "Hello!"

    Razzy Ral waves to Tanis Lockwood.

    Ylouhoboroch yells from nearby, "YOU I DO NOT LIKE."

    <Lots of people die to tentacle shapeshifters>

    Tanis says, "So, what's goin' on?"

    Tanis Lockwood blinks.

    "Hmm," you say.

    Vaxis says, "Ummmm..."

    Akiko blinks.

    Bek looks around the wreckage of the terminus, and frowns. "Oh yeah, and one more thing.".

    Revelin says to Tanis, "We have bounty hunters now. Long story short."

    Tanis says, "This's a big station!"

    Asteyr Dreya tilts his head and listens intently to Bek.

    Bek pockets her hands and glances over her shoulder. "It's safe enough in the main parts of the
    station, but the decks that are closed off? Maybe stay outa those.".

    "I like the sound of that," Zah tells Bek, curling the corners of her blue lips into a wry little
    smile. Her ornamented tentacles glint in the low light. "Now you are talking my language. Contacts, 
    yes? I like contacts. The trouble is I do not like to get my hands dirty." Lamenting this, she lifts 
    up her jewelled fingers daintily, as if to demonstrate their cleanliness as she dangles them mid-air.
    "Is there any way to make use of these contacts without getting blood on my very fine shoes? Kat 
    Sense Couture, you know. Very high-class.".

    Akiko says, "So... So noted."

    Akiko ponders the situation.

    Akiko says, "And that may be my cue to have a look around. Pardon me, and thank you once more for
    the hospitality!"

    You wave.

    Akiko waves.

    Bek squints at Zah. "I'm sure there's ways to get the job done without getting blood on your shoes,

    Revelin says, "Speaking of jobs."

    Revelin says to Bek, "We wouldn't be having this conversation if a lot of us didn't show up here to
    save your ass. Voidgates aren't free, you know."

    Tanis Lockwood cringes and drops her face into her palms with a shake of her head.

    Zah shudders her shoulders, straightening up. "Oh this all sounds so grisly," she airily laments. "I
    do not like killing people. Always creates more datawork, you know? Terribly bad for business.".

    Tanis laughingly says, "Damn, forgot all 'bout th'voidgates."

    Bek flicks her fins at Revelin in irritation. "You made your choice, human. Wasn't forced on you.
    Nobody promised you a parade, neither.".

    "But all the same, I thank you for being willing to divulge the details of your business," Zah says
    to the Amaian graciously, and slices a thin little smile across her gaunt features. "I wish you good 
    prosperity in your affairs, on behalf of the Celestine Ascendancy and all among our number who might 
    decide to join your ... enterprise.".

    Revelin Lockwood scoffs arrogantly.

    Zah shoots Revelin a cautionary glance, remaining on airs.

    Bek lifts a hand at Zah with a sly smirk. "Hey, thanks. You ever figure a way to do the job without
    actually lifting a finger or skulking in an alley, you let us know. I'm sure we'd love to have you 
    in the lounge.".

    Nykara Sa'rogue nods to Bek in greeting.

    Vaxis stretches languidly.

    Tanis says to Bek, "Fer those a'us who arrived late, what is th'job?"

    "I do so love lounges," Zah admits to Bek. "Maybe we can come to some alternative agreement, some
    day. I have many contacts I'd love to put you in touch with.".

    Bek turns to Tanis, blinking her wide hazel eyes. "Bounty hunting, of course. It's what this place
    is famous for.".

    Nykara says to Bek, "And how do we get involved in that?"

    Bek says, "And if you want to join up, now's a good time. Our forces just got decimated by the
    damned Corsairs."

    Tanis says, "Aaaaaaaah. That seems a bit 'bove m'MIL, seein' the names that're flashin' 'cross

    Tanis says, "Good luck with that!"

    Khudaldaachin nods his head at Tanis Lockwood, showing his agreement.

    Nykara Sa'rogue waves.

    Tanis Lockwood casually waves her hand in the air to say goodbye.

    Nykara says to Bek, "Take this as a positive indication of my interest in joining."

    Bek leans against a black, oily bulkhead and smirks at Nykara. "It's real simple. You just gotta pay
    a fee upfront to have access to our resources, our network, our allies. And of course, the private 

    Nykara says, "Sure, a sound investment."

    Nykara says, "Fuck me, though, and I'll take my fee out of your INR."

    Razzy yells from nearby, "Well there's a wormhole now if you get stuck behind the door like an idiot

    Weaving her jewelled fingers through her tentacles, Zah supposes mostly to herself, "But the
    Guardian General will be stopping by, I've no doubt. This is just her sort of soiree. Jin, you know. 
    Very bloody young lady. Good at her job." She lets her gaze rove around the airlock in thought. "Is 
    there any way to exit your club, if I were to join and come to realise it just wasn't my speed?".

    Bek nods at Nykara, "Would expect nothing less. Plenty of ways to build your business once you're in
    the business, if you know what I mean.".

    Amaranda Eyrlock grins mischievously at Zah Aurazi.

    Nykara Sa'rogue flashes Bek a joyous smile.

    Amaranda says to Zah, "Hiiii again queenface!"

    Amaranda Eyrlock nods her head slowly, looking very wise.

    Razzy Ral sniffs Bek, trying to decipher just what that smell is.

    Nykara says to Bek, "I do know exactly what you mean. I'm a businessperson myself. Now, what's your

    Lorilae Eyrlock playfully boops Amaranda Eyrlock on the nose.

    Zah says to Amaranda, "How good to see you, Ms Eyrlock."

    Amaranda Eyrlock grins mischievously at Zah Aurazi.

    Albion nods.

    Albion begins to follow Nykara Sa'rogue.

    Bek turns back to Zah. "Bloody young ladies are real popular around here. Bloody young anythings,
    actually, Or bloody old anythings. We aren't shy about blood, in other words. As for joining up, you 
    can leave if you don't like it - but you can't just jump ship after signing up. There's a waiting 
    period while we make sure you aren't actually about to betray us and everything we stand for.".

    Albion says to Bek, "So, what's up with the monsters behind the door?"

    Nykara says to Albion, "Let's get through the meat first, before we eat the cake."

    "Heh heh heh," Albion chuckles at Nykara Sa'rogue.

    Soza Phis'tor drops the broken corpse of Vaxis.

    Soza Phis'tor whistles appreciatively.

    Bek lifts a finger at Albion, "Y'know, there's a reason they're behind a giant blast door. Anyone
    hacking in past those doors gets what they deserve, you ask me.".

    Amaranda Eyrlock nods her head at Bek, showing her agreement.

    Zah curls her lip into a slight grimace. "I shall have to think it over," she says to Bek. "I'm more
    of a cake person than a meat sort of Shen.".

    Albion nods at Bek.

    Asteyr Dreya taps his temple and shakes his head, awkwardly calibrating his mindsim.

    Soza Phis'tor gives something to Amaranda Eyrlock.

    Albion says, "Fair enough."

    Bek nods.

    Soza Phis'tor gives something to Lorilae Eyrlock.

    "Oooooooooh!" Amaranda Eyrlock says to Soza Phis'tor, eyes wide with wonder.

    Amaranda Eyrlock thanks Soza Phis'tor profusely.

    Amaranda Eyrlock retrieves an Internal Neural Replicator from the broken corpse of Amaranda Eyrlock.

    "Thanks!" Lorilae Eyrlock says to Soza Phis'tor.

    Amaranda Eyrlock gives Soza Phis'tor a wild cheer!

    Bek shrugs at Zah, "Suit yourself, lady.".

    Soza Phis'tor flashes Lorilae Eyrlock a joyous smile.

    Nykara taps their claws against their bicep, eyebrow climbing their forehead.

    Nykara says, "I normally don't have to pull teeth to give someone my money, but I'm ready."

    Akiko says, "I had a glance around the auction hall downstairs. I... Do not believe I will be
    partaking, either."

    Amaranda says to Nykara, "Can i have your money then?"

    "A good day to you," Zah bids the others, and then steps on over through the door. Her hands remain
    clasped behind her back, posture dignified.

    Albion says, "Same."

    Khudaldaachin says, "From the screams and splashy sounds coming from the blast door, I think I'll be
    stayin this side of it too."

    Albion says, "I want in on that profit sharing scheme."

    Bek nods at Khudaldaachin, "You. I like you. You're smart.".

    Khudaldaachin cranes his head back and grins up at Bek.

    Bek wipes more stains off onto her pants again and cracks her knuckles. "Right. I've got a lot of
    damage to try and fix and a lot of things to coordinate. I'll be in the office behind the Doldrums, 
    if anyone has any more questions.".

    Bek fires off her fingerguns at everyone she sees before sauntering deeper into the station. "Smooth
    flying, spacers. Hope to see some of you join up.".
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    Special thanks to @Grek and Ren with log assistance for the part I missed!

    Bonus discord roasting from Tecton:

    Tecton: you could have hitched a ride with someone
    Tecton: if you didn't want to fly :smile:
    Bob: I managed to get there after some truly embarrassing flying!
    Tecton: I know :stuck_out_tongue:
    Tecton: I'm like, "Bob's got a good ship, I'll jump on and watch from there"
    Bob: roflmao
    Tecton: Then it was like... hmm let's try... anyone else :stuck_out_tongue:
    Tecton: :heart: bob
    Bob: :heart:
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    Now that the dust has settled is there any reason at all to go to the station?
    Don't get me wrong, the room descriptions are fucking amazing. Really capture that Gigeresque feel. Shame the mobs are incredibly deadly, got not one but two "fuck you" attacks (one you can see coming and interrupt, the other you can't) and throw you around randomly, usually to a new room where another mob will spawn and restart the RNG death roulette. And for all that trouble they don't drop any more cash than sneks or prugita bots.
    Is there something I'm missing, some secret hidden quest or ultra rare drops? Or is that just a case of get in, visit rooms for explo ranking and lore and then get out?
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    Cubey said:
    Now that the dust has settled is there any reason at all to go to the station?
    Don't get me wrong, the room descriptions are fucking amazing. Really capture that Gigeresque feel. Shame the mobs are incredibly deadly, got not one but two "fuck you" attacks (one you can see coming and interrupt, the other you can't) and throw you around randomly, usually to a new room where another mob will spawn and restart the RNG death roulette. And for all that trouble they don't drop any more cash than sneks or prugita bots.
    Is there something I'm missing, some secret hidden quest or ultra rare drops? Or is that just a case of get in, visit rooms for explo ranking and lore and then get out?
    I mean it just so happens that there's also... you know... bounty hunting here, and it's the only station effectively inside of neutral space. Bounty hunters have to come here to take jobs, use half of their bounty hunting skills, etc. 

    But I guess for everyone else it might not be worth it, to come to the bounty hunter station, if they aren't a bounty hunter. 
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    Kinda a shame for the attached endgame bashing area if no one will use it. Shame because see above: lore and descriptions are great.
    But then nobody hunts Deisk either, for similar reasons - too dangerous, too out of the way. A zone being unused is nothing new.
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    Level cap will be raised to 100 eventually. I don't think this would be considered an endgame area.
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    I don't understand why developers think dying to rng is fun...
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