NoGFX for all your Starmourn logging needs.

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Tobias has very generously taken the time to update NoGFX with a section for Starmourn.
NoGFX offers a place to upload, categorize, share, and browse logs with full color support.
Happy logging!


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    Cannot seem to add my Character

    2 errors were encountered! Please fix them before trying again.

    • Could not connect to Starmourn! Please try again later.
    • Message sending failed! Please try again later.
  • VaughnVaughn Member Posts: 34 ✭✭
    I sent Tobias an email asking if he could fix the issue.
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    Maruna said:
    To be fair, we are all playing a MUD. :P
    As T'rath has pierced the veil, so will I, and so will my life become complete in a good death.
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    teehee b.u.t.t. pirates
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      if there's no kittens in space
      I'm going on a rampage
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    Qitorien said:
    To be fair, we are all playing a MUD. :P
    It was a joke aimed at people still using nogfx to post logs...
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    edited January 2019
    That's right, NoGFX has been around for 13 years.
    And assuming Tobias is willing to fix the registration issue... It is nice to have a categorized, browsable log archive.
    I've seen Ada's site which is great but seems to have its own caveats.
    EDIT: Tobias is out for a couple of weeks. Anonymous logs do work at the moment but that's no fun.

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