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Announcement Post #107: Daily Credits.

From:   Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: Daily Credits.

Greetings Starmourners,

We've got some awesome news today!

Starmourn is now introducing a way for all players to gain up to 20 BOUND Credits each RL day. Performing various tasks in game will reward you with 1-2 bound credits, up to the aforementioned cap. You can easily keep track of the list of tasks and your progress within those tasks with the DAILYCREDITS command. The status resets every day at Sync.

There are a few repeatable tasks that you can do several times a day, but they will give half the reward (so 1 credit) after you complete them the first time. These tasks are marked on your Daily Credit status in the appropriate column.

The current task set is as follows:
1 Fulfill the daily Xeno bounty - 1 credit
2 Complete any 10 quests (REPEATABLE) - 2 credits
3 Hack 10 points worth of terminals - 2 credits (Level 1-5 terminals award 1 point, 5-10 award 2 points and 10+ award 3 points)
4 Harvest a Ta-deth crystal - 2 credits
5 Win a duel - 2 credits
6 Kill 100 mobs (REPEATABLE) - 2 credits
7 Kill 5 enemies in incursions (REPEATABLE) - 2 credits
8 Have a design approved - 1 credit
9 Refine 5 asteroids/gas scoops (REPEATABLE) - 2 credits (This counts when you
queue up the goods)
10 Complete 2 performances - 1 credit
11 Craft 10 items - 1 credit (This refers to items crafted via tradeskills)

We'll be monitoring this system over the next few weeks and make adjustments and fixes as necessary! Enjoy and have fun!


  • Quick question: Is this system passive, or is there a selection process for when you go to do any of the tasks?
  • Atalkez said:
    Quick question: Is this system passive, or is there a selection process for when you go to do any of the tasks?
    seems like it is passive.
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  • edited March 2020
    If there's room to have more tasks added to this list, can we get any of the following added to it?

    - Completing station repair missions
    - Fantom mob slaying
    - Wilderness triangulation (I misunderstood what this does now. I hadn't clicked that it is now for generating ta'deth caches primarily.)
    - Clearing a hack-dungeon? (technically this falls into the hack and questing bits, so I'm not that eager on it but I think the concept is unique enough to at least ask)

    Keep the limit at 20 earnable credits per day, just more things to do. Maybe you don't feel like killing 100 mobs today or something like that.

    This might cause the completionist players to go into fits but this'd draw attention back to mechanics that were introduced and then neglected - or in the case of Fantom mobs, add a little extra incentive to doing it.
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