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  • Re: Apologies for the lack of recent updates!

    Good news! I'll just keep waiting patiently for news about the new class. I am eagerly anticipating the jedi star kith class. I'd love to know more about what kind of lightsabers weapons and Force powers class abilities to look forward to.
  • Re: What is the nature of the relationship between Star and Void Kiths, respectively?

    It's certainly not as simple as good vs. evil, or light vs. dark, that much seems clear. Both seem rather outside any sense of moral justifications. Though people could certainly form such philosophies, they seem rather irrelevant to the dichotomy that does exist.

    It seems more like how their energy functions is the difference, rather than why. Like an external vs. internal impetus. Stars emit everything outward, where the void draws it all in. Or as far as any philosophy about it goes, perhaps it's (very loosely) more like Muad'dib described in Dune, one side that "gives" and one side that "takes."
  • Re: Which civilization do you find most appealing? (Now with all 3 options!)

    In the Ascendency I see the greatest potential to betray.
  • Re: Solar Eclipse

    Wilmer said:
    I was able to observe the event from an observatory in Florida.  Graciously, the clouds moved out of the way long enough to get a good view.  However, I felt that a certain search engine's daily doodle was very misleading, I was expecting to see UFOs.  Also, if anyone can find ISS LIVE footage of the umbral pass, I'd appreciate the link.
    The closest they came during each of the four passes was something like 1050 miles, so they're all on the "horizon" of the Earth, so to speak. Still pretty neat to see, imho.

  • Random Questions

    I've been dying for the chance to wonder about trivial stuff out publicly with people. And with enough luck get a few answers here and there? Thus, a thread for miscellaneous, perhaps minor, things you haven't had addressed by the release of lore so far!

    I'll start: I haven't noticed age in the descriptions of races on any other IRE, which leads me to (fingers crossed) posit that age might be a relevant thing in this mud? Some kind of actual mechanic, even?