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Tecton Starmourn staff


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  • Re: Q+A Madness - January 2018

    Syaja said:
    It's still January in the US. We know there will be guides. Will we be able to sign up as guides fairly early if we can learn the basics quick enough?
    Very likely!
  • Re: Can we talk about the Sexbot bar.

    Hahah, it can be if you want. We just added it more as an example of a free-form room that you can add to your ship!
  • Re: Q+A Madness - January 2018

    magee101 said:
    Tecton said:
    Traveler said:
    How many worlds (planets) will we be able to visit, at launch?
    We're aiming for 80 - 90 at the minimum, more if time permits. Naturally, building will continue post-launch!
    To be honest, this sounds like far too many for a launch. For two main reasons:

    1) How diverse and memorable are 80-90 different worlds going to be? Look at No Man's Sky, they had quadrillions of planets, but they were all so.. similar that it didn't matter that they literally had that many, they were -all- boring (except if you happened to get lucky and run across one of the handmade planets, or the random procedure made some crazy stuff)

    2) That's... a lot of play space for a game that will probably have a fairly limited player size.

    Personally, I think you should cut that number down to 20-40 at most, but make sure you make each planet unique and memorable, and save the other 40 or so planets for expansions later in the game's life cycle. I want to feel like when I land on a planet, I am landing on a -whole- world that is open at my finger tips. I don't want one planet to be the size of say Shallam, and then another Minia, I want all of Achaea on one planet get my digs?
    Depends on the planets, some have multiple accessible areas, some have one. We definitely want the worlds to feel alive, but we wouldn't overpopulate the planets to the extent of your example, where one planet might have 50 areas on it.

    Revisiting the original question, I did actually count some areas that are on multi-area planets as distinct ones (most of them, to be 100% honest, in my haste to get an answer posted up), we are probably looking about 40ish handcrafted planets at launch (encompassing many more areas). We'll have a wide variety of procedurally generated celestial bodies for various other systems to interact with too.
  • Re: Q+A Madness - January 2018

    Indi said:
    Will there be server-side queuing in some shape or form?
    Aussie latency :(
    Very likely! Not coded yet, but relatively easy to do, so if it doen't make day 1, it won't be far off!
  • Re: Starship Combat!

    Kaedok said:
    Can we get a gameplay video of combat please?
    There will likely be one in the near-ish future!