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  • Re: Tradeskills in Starmourn

    Of course, one of the first thing I'll want to design is Grey Goop. It does have everything you need and nothing you don't need. 
  • Re: What happens at level 100?

    (Hopefully a few months old doesn't count as a necro? I figured I'd continue a discussion here rather than starting another post)

    The Space Pirates thread got me thinking... People joked around that if so many people want to be pirates, space will actually just be a bunch of pirates looking to hunt each other. It was a joke, but it made me think about what it would take to fill up that space with other people just minding their own business, looking to avoid the pirates, yet still have a chance to be exposed to them. 

    What if we offered experience, in addition to gold, for running cargo between faraway points in the sector? The gold part has been discussed several times, where you risk being attacked for the potential profits. The pirates want to attack you and take the profits for themselves. But as an added bonus (especially since you lose experience upon death), what if completing one of these runs grants you experience too? I see it as having multiple benefits:
    • You're not looking to kill the pirates, just avoid/outrun them. There's a source of excitement as a cargo runner to keep things from getting monotonous.
    • An interesting alternative to bashing
    • More variety of people for the pirates to attack, and many for whom a different approach would be necessary ("catch and destroy" as opposed to "win in battle")
    • Populates space, provides a lucrative (exp and gold wise) alternative
    I guess a counterpoint could be "why as a non-com would I expose myself to this potential loss of experience, time, and gold?" And the answer would be for the potential gain of better experience, time, and gold! 

    This seems like a cool idea to me. Somebody care to burst my bubble and show me it's actually terrible? Otherwise it might be a neat idea that the developers can consider. 

    (Edit: And of course, I necro'd the wrong thread. I'll just leave this here and not necro a second one (where it would be more appropriate)