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Aurelius Starmourn staff


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  • Re: Q+A Madness - January 2018

    Traveler said:
    What about a limit of retirement credits that can be spent? Like, being able to spend... 50? 100? credits initially, and then be able to spend the rest after 1 year. Just throwing that out there. I have no retirement credits, but I can understand how people who do would feel.
    That's not a bad idea as a compromise actually. We'll consider it!
  • Re: I just want to play the game.

    > MUDs tend to be played by older, smarter and/or more mature people in general (at least in my experience). That doesn't mean  you can't get your ass kicked if someone takes issue with you, lol.

    All of our games have 'soft' rules around PvP, meaning that you can't just randomly kill people for no reason. Or rather, you can, as in the game code will let you, but you might end up getting sanctioned by the admin if someone complains and it's found you had no RP reason to kill the person. That said, there are exceptions. For instance, in Achaea, there are certain planes of existence where it's a free-for-all on PK, but you can simply not go there. We'll have a similar mix in Starmourn.

    As far as how much you need to spend, I'll let others answer as any answer I give is going to inevitably be viewed as self-serving.

    I will say, though, that we could give a newbie a leveled-up character with literally every advantage you can buy, and you'd still get your ass kicked by someone who has spent no money but has spent enough time to really understand combat.
  • Re: Q+A Madness - January 2018

    Satomi said:
    Latching onto @Maygon's question, will there be a distinction between bloodline and adoption? Or will it all be grouped together? Will you be able to blood-sibling someone? I think Imperian had that feature.
    We haven't decided yet. You can't just blend together bloodline and adoption though, especially if you ever want to do anything like genetic traits that pass down through families (which I think would be super cool as long as it was cosmetic only). The way we do family in Achaea isn't as satisfying as I think anyone would like, but I'm not really sure what the solution is. Part of the fundamental problem is we're dealing with a small population so it's kind of inevitable that everyone is going to be more or less related to like half of the game. There's probably not going to be a system for this in at launch, and we'll figure it out post-launch.
  • Re: Character Gender

    You're choosing your sex, not your gender, to be accurate. There are too many genders for us to include them all, and how many depends on what culture you're part of.

    On the other hand, sex is a biological reality, and isn't subject to cultural norms (barring intersex people, of course, who are real fully-developed people) so that's what is assigned to your character. Gender, however, is completely up to you. 

    RP whatever gender you wish. Feel free to invent new genders for yourself if you want! Sounds like interesting RP to me.

    As far as pronouns go, the game will report them based on your sex or lack thereof in the case of Decheerans and possibly a couple other NPC races, as the alternative is going to be too annoying to read. Decheerans will stick out as an oddity, but were we to have a large selection of gender-based pronouns available, the text would start reading very oddly to most people. 

  • Re: Release

    It'll be out when we release it. :)