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Aurelius Starmourn staff


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    April 7
  • Jaxson

        Just wanted to say thank you. I want to keep this brief if I can (psst.. it's not brief but I tried man..). I doubt if you haven't heard this before but this is my version of the same story. This is entirely true so F what the haters say. I've never met you. I don't even particularly want to meet you personally, but I have an immense respect for you. You created a platform in Achaea that was so interesting to a tech illiterate version of me that eleven years ago, prompted me to learn to create my first email. This email was created so that someone could send me a piece of anti-theft code after being robbed blind as a newbie. This led to exploration of file systems because of the various scripts that would be sent to me after painstakingly being taught the most basic of client setup. Programming became interesting to me, IT and network infrastructure became interesting to me, security infrastructure became interesting to me. After achieving my degree and many certifications I realize that my inspiration comes back to Achaea. 

        I found out about Achaea from my "geeky friend" who played it all the time. My Xbox got stolen, my girlfriend at the time left me but I had an old dusty CPU, so I said what the hell. While I was living my life as a waffle house chef, there was a beautiful girl studying journalism who also ran across Achaea. We were both entirely burnt out on your game when we met after countless hours at the keyboard. We both stopped playing shortly after. But we met, and we continued to speak and now we have been married for eight years. We have kids. WTF. Do I owe my current life to you, behaviorism right? I doubt it. You did create a platform that provided a very clear arrow for me to see. You created a platform that enabled me to meet my wife. Thank you. Seriously. 

    Starmourn looks cool man. You're a creative dude and I look forward to giving it a go. 

    - Jaxson 

    March 29
    • Aurelius
      Oops, sorry, I didn't see this until just now for some reason.

      That's an awesome story! Very cool. Congrats to you and your wife! :)