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Celestine Ascendancy

SagexSagex Posts: 78Member ✭✭
I know some of us said this is where we will call home when the game starts but, I was wondering how you guys think this should be run. From what i've read it's kind of like an eliteist style world where the rich lives in luxury while the poor suffers. How do you plan to play your character? I think for me, honor and pride is where its at so if my character sees someone suffering he will lend a hand


  • BaedundarielBaedundariel Posts: 60Member ✭✭
    I'll be too busy bein' dizzy over in Scatterhome to pay attention to snob hill.. heh. :+1:
  • SagexSagex Posts: 78Member ✭✭
    pfft we're going to rule the iron throne !

  • SagexSagex Posts: 78Member ✭✭
    The desc, the wealthy live in the ivory towers and most of the place lives in slums. . Towering skyscrapers, the homes of the social and political elite, soar high above smog-choked urban valleys. Crime and both power and economic inequality run rampant, with the top 0.1% of the population having more of both than the rest of the planet combined.
  • SyajaSyaja Posts: 122Member ✭✭✭
    I haven't decided between two races, but one would be in the Ascendancy more than likely, possibly either character could turn out that way. There's plenty of potential here, and while I don't have an idea ready to be shared, the richness of the possibilities makes me glad that we have information available pre-launch. I think it'll enrich RP with those of us die-hard enough to be frequenting forums for a game that's yet to open. 
  • JerichoJericho Posts: 33Member ✭✭
    If my current design for my character makes it to live he'll definitely not be wanting any part of the Pretentious Palace.
  • RetherianRetherian Posts: 22Member
    I am the Senate!
  • LaxnarlLaxnarl Posts: 11Member
    Ruling is for the weak. True dictators have people to do that for them. You just stand behind the throne with puppet strings attached to your minions.
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